A Meeting of Monarchs is currently on hiatus but might return in 2025.


“And O the buttercups! that field
O’ the cloth of gold, where pennons swam,
Where France set up his lilied shield,
His oriflamb,

And Henry’s lion-standard rolled:
What was it to their matchless sheen,
Their million million drops of gold
Among the green!”

The year is 1520. Two of the most famous Kings of Renaissance History are meeting for the first time. Henry the 8th of England and François 1st of France welcome you to the Field of The Cloth of Gold.

The Field of The Cloth of Gold is one of the most celebrated and luxurious political events in European history. During this event, both kings will bring their courts to the French countryside to celebrate their friendship and renewed peace. However, things are not as simple as they seem, and Kings have volatile minds. Not to mention, every royal person, noble and courtier, is out to chase their own eager ambitions no matter the cost.

Become part of the French and English courts at the dawn of a new era where political intrigue, outrageous decadence, and insatiable sins await.  

What you need to know


A Meeting of Monarchs usually takes place in the first weekend of October, however, the game is currently on hiatus but might return in 2025.

In October the weather can be a bit unpredictable, with temperatures generally between 12-20 degrees celsius.

In the event of rain, we will play indoors.


A Meeting of Monarchs takes place in the charming castle of Château du Boisrenault, in Buzançais, France.

Players will sleep inside the castle. The castle offers modern amenities as it’s usually a hotel.  However, as it's still a historical building, hallways can be dark and there is NO wheelchair access. 
For more information on accessibility, please read the accessibility section or contact us.


The game will be played in English. You don't need to have a perfect mastery of the language though. As long as you can understand most of what is said and can make yourself understood, you will have a good time!


Meals are included from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. Vegetarian and vegan options will be provided.
We'll also provide water, tea, and coffee.


(Ticket prices may be adjusted before the ticket lottery)
- 350€ Sponsor ticket (10 available)
- 300€ Standard ticket (27 available)
- 250€ Solidarity ticket (10 available)

You can choose to help out a player with a lower income by picking a Sponsor ticket. Every Sponsor ticket finances a Solidarity one.

Securing a ticket will require payment of the first €50 installment (non-refundable deposit).

Sign-ups are now open and will close on March 7th. After sign-ups have closed, we will assign tickets through a random lottery. If there are more sign-ups than tickets, there will be a waiting list.


The game is set in 1520. The castle will be a substitute for the Palace of Illusions (a cloth and wooden castle that was built especially for the Field of the Cloth of Gold by French craftsmen). We will set up historical tents in the field in front of the castle to recreate the encampment feeling.


The castle is located at a 4-hour drive from Paris, Nantes and Lyon Airports and at a 30 minutes drive from Châteauroux train station.
You have to arrange your own transportation.


Players will receive pre-written characters which are based on historical people who might have been present at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Most characters will belong to either the English or the French court. During casting, players will be able to specify their preference for a royal, noble, or courtier character. 

Casting is not based on real-world looks, ethnicity, age, or gender (you’ll instead be cast on your chosen character gender).


Players will have to bring their own costumes and may bring additional props such as LARP swords, quills, tokens of affection, etc.
A costume guide can be found in the Player Guide. You can also get an idea for the general style here.


Players must be 18 or older.

Your ticket includes

Main themes

  • The Renaissance and Humanism
  • Chivalry, Pageantry, and Ceremonies
  • Life at Court, Intrigue, and Romance 
  • Anglo-French Relations and Politics
  • Religion and Reformation
  • Extravagance, Riches, and Luxury
  • A touch of Renaissance occultism

Player experience

Experience a grand meeting of Renaissance monarchs that started out as a peace negotiation, but very soon turned into a veritable competition of courts and rulers. Meet, play, and compete as historic characters. Fight for the honor of your court, debate the finer points of humanism or recite poetry for your beloved. Immerse yourself in a fictionalized history of the events of summer 1520. Experience a game rooted in history, replete with courtly politics, pageantry, and ceremony.

The Field of the Cloth of Gold began as a peace summit between Renaissance France and Tudor England, but quickly turned into a competition to see which court, nobles, and King were more regal. At our event, there will be a number of ways to measure one’s worth, to prove one’s honor, and earn glory and recognition for your country.
  • Sword dueling, wrestling, and martial pursuits
  • Poetry writing and recital
  • Courtly etiquette and romance
  • Debates on philosophy, religion, and the arts
  • Politics, both overt and subtle
  • Theatre & performance
  • Singing, Music & Dancing
  • Archery and games of skill
Join us for an immersive event about the Renaissance, political and social maneuvering, and the meaning of nobility in a tumultuous era of Western European history. All played out against the backdrop of a beautiful French Château!


"Rennaisance men and women, if I ever saw some! What a blast this was!"
- Werner Mikolasch, as Leonardo Da Vinci

The Castle