Lead Producer

Lisa Wolfrum has worked at Dziobak Larp Studios for multiple years and currently works as a freelancer for College of Wizardry.
She's the founder of Charmed Plume Productions.

She has a Master's degree in Tourism, Historical Heritage, and Event Management, as well as a Bachelor's degree in English studies.

Long before she learned what LARP (Live Action Role Play) was, she dreamt about bringing history to life through "play-pretend" in a historical setting, with costumes and characters.

Today this dream is coming true thanks to a wonderful team of designers, writers, and volunteers who have been helping her develop this project since January 2020.

Picture by Horseradish Studios

Game design and writing

John Shockley is a familiar figure both at UK and international larps.

With 35 years of experience playing, writing and running larps, he still seems unusually keen. One of the principal organizers of the Camelot larp conference in the UK, he is currently contributing to several projects as a writer and consultant.

As a champion of coherence in background, narrative intensity, and player agency, he’s hoping to bring all of these things to a Meeting of Monarchs and eagerly awaiting the time when we can all meet to create memories together once more.

Game design and writing

Bálint Mark Turi and Nandor Laklia are the co-founders of Parallel Worlds Foundation, they create immersive roleplay experiences in Hungary. They write, design, and run Nordic-inspired chamber larps, treasure hunts, team-building events and build a community around immersive games. 

Zsófia Diana Szalay is their lead game designer.

Game design and safety

Jim “Lucky” Walsemann is a newer character on the international LARP stage.

Whilst their daily life consists of a variety of different projects, they’ve shown to be a ray of sunshine to all those involved in projects with them. No matter what the end goal is.

With only 5 years since their first LARP, they often bring fresh ideas to the table on how to engage and interact with others.

With 8 years of experience in world-building, player interaction, and mediation in player conflict, they've helped with game design, character writing, organization and are ready to assist players with their various needs on-site.

Picture by Przemyslaw Jendroska

Game design & writing

Nandor Laklia, Zsofia Szalay, John Shockley, Jim Walsemann, Chris Hartford, Balint Turi, Smadar Krampf, Lisa Wolfrum.


This game is produced by Charmed Plume Productions (France), in association with Parallel Worlds (Hungary).

Safety consultancy

Jim Walsemann, Agata Świstak

Guest writers

Kevin Pearl, CJ Gahagan, Mia Kyhn, Ben Books Schwartz


Simon Brind, Kevin Pearl, John Shockley, Juliette Borg, Agata Świstak

Website & visual ID

Wolfrum Graphics


We'd also like to thank Avalon Larp Studios, Horseradish Studio,
College of Wizardry, The Northcott Gala, Jeppe Schmidt Hansen, and Anders Gredal Berner (Bifrost).